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Soar is providing workshops to young people that are real, courageous, freeing and supportive. Young people are telling us that these spaces, where they feel comfortable to talk about their dreams and challenges, are not being created for them elsewhere and that in many instances, it has changed their lives. This work needs to continue.

Be part of the Movement. Join our Monthly Giving Campaign and give a monthly direct debit contribution which will enable us to continue reaching young people throughout Ireland.

So far, we have worked with over 10,000 young people. Our aim now is to reach 75,000 young people by December 2018. We know it’s a big challenge, but with the support of a group of people, inspired to act and passionate about the well-being of young people, we will achieve it! Here's how your support will help:

October Happenings in Soar

Last Month:
We worked with 623 young people in 8 schools through our early intervention, preventative well-being workshops.    

This Month:
Next month we are booked to work with 1,279 young people in 13 schools throughout Ireland. 

Community Programs

Girl’s Program
Last month we were lucky to spend 5 days with Reach’s Development Manager Paige Harkin. Paige has a wealth of experience in program development and women’s well-being programs. With her assistance, our team designed the program structure, the overall workshop aims and objectives and began the construction of the workshop content. The team have completed 50% of this process.

Community Workshop – Leixlip GAA Club
We ran a bespoke out of school workshop with members of different GAA clubs from Leixlip and the surrounding areas. 

We Ran our first Youth Crew Camp and it was Epic!
Since Soar’s inception we have dreamed of running a weekend crew camp in Ireland. Last month this became a reality. 30 young people, ignited by Soar travelled to Wicklow to explore and challenge themselves and to dive into the work Soar does. This was a special weekend for both the Soar team and the crew as bonds and relationships were created and strengthened. Run by our Facilitators in training, this camp will be the first of many sessions over their 2 year training period

ESB Presented Soar with a €10,000 Energy for Generations grant for our Girl’s program
This funding will go toward research and development of our Girl’s Program. 

Challenges this Month:

October Tests Soar's Metal
October was a difficult month for us from a funding perspective. The unabated increase in demand for Soar's school programs and the growing requests for our community programs meant that our resources were stretched to their max. Added to this, the development of our boys and girls specific out of school programs added to the desire by young people to have a Soar experience. We always said money will never be the reason we don't get to a young person. But this month was a huge challenge for us as an organisation to keep our word. We are PROUD that we did. 
If you'd like to sign up to be a monthly giver to Soar and empower young people's dreams of living great lives then check out 

We kicked off our Monthly Giving Campaign. 
A big focus for us over the last few months has been moving toward a financial model that is supported by different channels and is as sustainable as possible. We launched our monthly giving campaign which asks people to support us by making a monthly direct debit contribution. Many of our community have joined this campaign and we’re hoping many more will sign up in the coming months!

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