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Join our Monthly Giving Campaign
Here is how a monthly, direct debit contribution will support the work Soar does:


per month will contribute towards the research and development of our Primary and Secondary School Programs.

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per month will enable 10 young people to receive a Soar workshop each year. *Donations of €21 per month or over in a year are eligible for tax relief.

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per month will enable us to deliver 2 months of high impact training to a member of our facilitation crew.

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per month will enable us to deliver one early intervention, preventative, well-being workshop to young people.

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Become a Corporate Partner

Soar's community of Corporate Partners is fundamental in our development and sustainability. Their generosity, vision and belief in Soar allows us to reach thousands of young people every year and we are unbelievably grateful.

If you would like Soar to be your cause of choice we would love to hear from you. 

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Become a Fundraiser

Fundraising is a massive part of what keeps Soar alive. We welcome all wild and wonderful fundraising ideas and suggestions and strive to be as supportive as we can at every stage. From events to challenges, your support in funding Soar is invaluable.

If you would like to fundraise for Soar drop us an email for more info on how we can help you

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Pass it On

If you or someone you know has benefited from a Soar workshop, we encourage you to pass the experience on - contribute, tell a friend, contact your school or run an event to help us spread the word.

Young People

You have a major part to play in creating something life-changing for young people of Ireland. Click below to find out how you can give another teenager the opportunity to take part in a Soar workshop like the one you took part in.

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Soar is kept alive by amazing parents/guardians like you. Without the support of the incredible Soar community, the workshop your child experienced could not have happened. Click below to find out how you can support Soar and ensure that we continue to reach thousands of amazing young people throughout Ireland.

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Create an Event

What makes Soar so special is that it is sustained by a wide-reaching community of dreamers, schemers and doers. Since its beginning, Soar has been backed by this tribe who have acted on behalf of Soar to create events that are wonderfully cool, incredibly beautiful and have benefitted Soar and in turn thousands of young people enormously.

Little ideas for big events

  • Soar Events

    Soar Cinemas

    Host a movie night in your house and show an epic film (Click here to check out some of our favourite movies). Invite your friends and ask each for a donation for Soar.

  • Soar Events

    Soar Sessions

    Create a music/poetry/creative event with amazing singers/DJs and good vibes. Invite friends, family and strangers!

  • Soar Events

    Soar Cycles

    Pick a route, invite everyone you know and head off!

  • Soar Events

    Soar Social

    Hold a gathering with games like Twister, Spin the Bottle (if you are over 16 obviously) or whatever makes you feel young.

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