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Soar Stories

  • Soar has really been a way of opening doors for people to express themselves and not to be afraid of being who they are and stuff like that. Although it sounds clichéd that’s exactly what it is. It is being who you are and being able to talk about who you are and how you feel. 

    Claude, Young Person

  • Soar has inspired me in the best way possible. It has changed the way i act, think and interact with people.Soar has not only given me self-belief but I wake up every morning with a new found confidence. After each Soar session I feel as though I can take on the world! Soar is a journey that I am so privileged to be a part of. Every teenager deserves to have an experience like this.

    Moira, Young Person

  • I went into school on Tuesday the 22nd of October to attend a workshop with Soar. I didn’t know what to expect. I myself have been bullied by a few in my class and some from other schools. I talked about this in the workshop. Then two of the lads who were bullying me did something so unexpected. They admitted it was them. I heard them say something which I thought I’d never hear. They apologised for bullying me. I came home that day proud of myself. I got the apology I needed to hear and they didn’t get in trouble, so we’re all happy.

    Ben, Young Person

  • My son attended your workshop and words fail me to describe how much he got from the experience. It was life changing for him. Ben was shy, nervous, totally lacking in self-confidence and would never stand up for himself even though he is a fine strong, handsome, tall lad. It is difficult to find words to describe the effect but he now stands up straight, goes to town on his own, asks questions and says ‘no’ – Ben never said no before. He has suffered a few years of bullying and during the workshop two people stood up, confessed and apologised. There has been no incident since and this has had a major impact on his self-confidence. Thank you all so very much and I hope you go on to help many more young people.

    Molly, Parent

  • The impact of Soar for each and every person is unique and special in its own way. It has helped me find out who I really am and given me the confidence to be that person. I’ve learned to step back and look at myself, to see am I really living the life which I’m proud of and feel most comfortable in, instead of just drifting through life in the mould that society has laid out for me. I’m no longer afraid of the future or of failure. The past year since my involvement with Soar has been amazing. I’ve found a new group of friends who I feel comfortable around. I can be me. 

    Cillian, Young Person

  • Without doubt, Soar is one of the most important organisations to come out of Ireland in the last number of years. Its importance as a catalyst for societal change and impact is unmatched... Organisationally, it has had a huge impact on Stelfox and our staff... One particular staff member made a commitment that effectively changed the life of one teenager and I think in so doing changed his own more than a little as well. That is the true beauty of being part of it. It is so transactional. 

    Keith, Founding Partner

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