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Transition Year Workshops

Our Transition Year workshops focus on young people at a significant transitional stage in their lives. The workshops are based on increasing self-awareness, direction, self-belief, empathy, peer respect, leadership, resiliency and recognising their core strengths and passions.

Transition Year Workshops

This workshop also encourages young people to see value in their individuality, to begin to set goals, step out of their comfort zone and realise their full potential. As with all Soar Programs, the creation of a safe environment where young people can express themselves and be heard is a key component to the growth that comes out of attending this program.

Very often there will be students saying things for the first time to their peers that are important and personal, and yet once said, they realise they are not on their own and are certainly hugely admired for it. Schools have found that it is healthy-giving and hugely beneficial to both the young people themselves and the school culture.

We stay well away from all of the usual clichés and never tell young people what to do, say or feel.

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